7 comments on “From My Arse, I Can See Belgium.

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  2. Funny as it is, it confirms my suspicions that she’s really not up to running the country if John McCain gets hit by a bus.

    After the initial snigger, I’m now more worried than ever…

  3. That’s it! The Pink Panther films! I knew I’d heard that terrible French accent before. 😆

    This is hilarious! “John” and I saw it last night and were laughing our heads off! Thanks for posting the video! Now I can watch it at my convenience every time I need a good laugh!

    Is it just me, or could this quite possibly be even worse for Palin than her interviews with Katie Couric and Charlie Gibson? 😯

  4. Carrie: there’s an almost manic/psychotic edge to her voice, at times, isn’t there? And a fake coyness that makes my teeth itch. Be afraid — be very afraid 😉

    Lottie: well there is an upside, from her point of view, I suppose; she at least appears to know that Sarkozy has a beautiful wife and family. Now don’t look like that. It’s a start. That and fruit fly research — what else does one really need to know about France? Apart from the fact that they’re all Nazi collaborators and sell lots of onions, of course (she hasn’t said it yet, but give her time 😉 )

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