6 comments on “Do Not Resuscitate.

  1. I’m so glad you are recovering now and this error of timing was put right. On the whole, doctors don’t know their patients and don’t know their lives. I’ve not been in this situation but the LSO (Long Suffering One) has so now when he has heart problems I tell him to let all concerned at the hospital know that he is renovating a house, is a commissaire for British Cycling, is teaching himself to play the clarinet… Too many times medical staff look at us and make judgements they’re not qualified to make.

  2. There are times in life when an unexpected stranger makes their presence known as if on cue from some other world beyond our comprehension. It’s as if they were sent by God, that holy entity who’s sole purpose is to lift us up by the bootstraps after dashing us against the rocks to stimulate our learning curve. So…we wonder how this can be? I’ve been told by many a “New Ager” and the men and women of “the cloth” that Angelic encounters are used by the “Powers that Be” to circumvent what would have been a traumatic (for us) event, because it was not yet our time. It was presumed that we had more to give and more to learn on this Earth plane so our Souls could advance to “Nirvana Land,” much like our childhood game of “Candy Land,” if you wish to believe that.

    Yet, at those times of chaos and trauma, when our luck of the draw seems to have run out, we find an incredible sense of relief that someone good has miraculously shown up to save us from certain disaster. It really helps to skew our consciousness in that direction and makes us think that life really does have a higher purpose and our lives, our choices, and even our mistakes were already ordained before we were born, so if we get way off-track, someone is sent in to mop up the mess we made of it and return us to our appointed rounds so we can get on with it before it really was our time to take the dive into the big “Spirit in the Sky.” Well then, it’s up to us to decide, because if the experience was profound and timely, and we were saved in the nick of time by what seemed like an Angelic force, then it wouldn’t be a far stretch of the imagination to admit the existence of more than what we know; Something Good.

    I’m glad you are feeling better Gary and the DNR order was removed from your Soul.
    God Bless You,

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