Publicity—2013 #2Gary is a novelist living in the northeast of England. His work, largely mainstream fiction, focuses on themes that touch us all — love, death, loss and aspiration — but always with an eye to finding an unusual angle or viewpoint. Quirky and highly readable, his writing aims to entertain first and foremost. If he can also offer a previously unfamiliar perspective or insight, all the better.

Gary was born with a form of Spinal Muscular Atrophy, and whilst he has never thought of himself as a “disabled writer” it is nevertheless fair to say that his disability has in many ways contributed to his fairly unique perspective. If you’d like to know more about SMA, please click here.

His first novel, If I Never, is published by Legend Press and is now available from all major bookstores. Click here to buy If I Never.

His second novel, Children of the Resolution, was published early in 2011. For more information please visit Gary’s Amazon page.

To hear Gary talking about Children of the Resolution on BBC Tees radio, please follow this link.