5 comments on “The Unholy Trinity.

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  2. Speaking of McCain always talking about the war crap… what really got me while watching the debates was how he kept talking about how he was going to do things for the veterens. Now don’t get me wrong, I appriciate the fact that the soldiers are willing to do what their country asks of them (even if what they are asking them to do is not based on any need but rather false fears and what not) what about the vast majority of American who -aren’t- veterens. There’s much more of us than there are of them.

  3. Apparently, I am going to hell: http: //quillandinkwell.wordpress.com /2008/11/02/she-meeteth-him-in-the-street/

    Religious nuts are FAR scarier than the Captain Old Pants/Sarah Impalin’ ticket…

  4. David, mate — you wouldn’t be trying to attract religious nuts to my blog with that link, now, would you? 😆 Because I don’t have the time to have a little fun with freaks like that at the moment, I’ve broken the link up so that she doesn’t get a trackback notification.

    She, however, really does need a good slap. And, yes, you will at least be in good company down there in hell (at this point I was considering inserting — in the nicest possible sense — a wink emoticon, but I wouldn’t want anyone thinking I was a flirt… 😉 … oops!)

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