For Sonny Moore, writer and family man, chance discovery and the force of untethered past are about to impact on his life in ways both unimaginable and profound. Faced with events he cannot explain, and those he does not even wish to contemplate, his world and the worlds of those closest to him spiral down into a realm of need and hurt, where ghosts walk – and occasionally resemble those closest to him.

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It was a time of change and new ideologies, a vision of a more inclusive, fairer future… a time that was destined to shape the lives of many, and fail more than a mere handful.

Viewed retrospectively through the eyes of the now adult Carl Grantham, Children of the Resolution is a story of a child poised between two worlds. Thrown into the revolutionary world of integrated education in 1970s England, the physically disabled Carl finds himself torn between what he expects of himself and what his changing environment will allow.

At heart, a coming-of-age story — Children of the Resolution explores the intricacies of friendship and loss, the subtle fears of childhood and the far less subtle fears of adulthoods possibly never realised.

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If I Never centres on the growing love between two “social misfits”. Clearly “meant for each other” in a most unusual way, the world and those around them threaten to pull them apart… the two drawn into the complicated lives of friends, consumed by unfolding mysteries and dangers.

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7 comments on “Novels

  1. Just discovered If I Never and glad I did. An unexpected read with many twists and turns that kept me riveted and delighted. I will definitely be looking for more from Mr. Murning and would recommend this to anyone.

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