7 comments on “Creative Freedom.

  1. A part of me finds the idea pretty attractive but… I just don’t know. It’d be difficult to avoid simply rehashing existing formulae and I’m not really sure I’d stand a chance of placing it.

    Worth thinking about, though. Watch this space 😉

  2. Hey, keep in mind that “literary” basically means getting away with any kind of writing you want because it’s, well, “literary.” 🙂 Good luck!

  3. Makes me think of the movie Unbreakable.

    Gary, do you remember your dreams? You should write a short story on tonight’s dream provided it’s right-wing friendly. 😆

  4. thewritingrunner: LOL — how true! (For the record, I tend to define “literary” as leaning more towards the character-driven.)

    Selena: it made me think of Unbreakable, too, actually! Love that film!

    Now, my dear, just think about who you’re talking to — do you really think I have right-wing friendly dreams? In fact, do you really think I have any dreams that could be posted on WordPress without my blog being classified as having “mature content”? 😀

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