5 comments on “Curious.

  1. Hi Gary
    Have read chapter 5, its really good, don;t know how you can remember everything that went on mind only glad you can though. Aly asked if i remembered the new house block but i can;t(nothing new there, i sometimes wounder how i get through each day, i left the front door unlocked 2day oops).I;v either got to much to think about or i;m just plain thick ! Keep thinking and writing awaiting next chapter, i think you should be taking subscriptions. Have to go speak soon Ang x

  2. Hi Ang,

    As I said to Aly just today (or was it the other day? ha ha), that’s why it’s a semi-autobiographical novel — so I can make up the bits I can’t remember 🙂 And regarding the house blocks, I’ve jogged Aly’s memory on that matter, so I’ll let her tell you 😉

    Too much to think about will do it everytime. Sounds like you had a lucky escape.

    Thanks for taking the time to read it. It helps a hell of a lot knowing people are enjoying it. (Oh, and chapter six will be winging its way to you and Aly over the weekend. 😉 )

    Take care (and lock that door!) x

  3. Hi gary

    Just getting settled down to read chapter six. Hope you are doing ok. Will probably see your mam @ dad tomorrow with my comments! Always good ofcourse. Speak to you soon. Ang x

  4. Hi Ang,

    I’m doing good, thanks. Working hard on Chapter Seven and generally trying to keep out of bother 😉

    Looking forward, as ever, to your comments! (They don’t have to be good, though; if you think something sucks, let me know.)

    How’s you?

    G. x

  5. Hi Gary
    Me again; Great reading thanks; no pressure but have you got the next one, only i think i might collect a few chapters up before i read the next one. Did you get bullied at school? I did almost everyday of my time in ormesby, sad really nowadays people would won;t compensation for the trama it coursed me and all the bruises i got. Well that was nearly 25 years ago? Now both my kids go to the same school, and if they came home and told me they were getting bullied i;d be straight down the school.
    I have enjoyed reading the chapter tonight, i;m terrible when i;m reading nothing else gets done he he. Derek has just come in and i;m on the computer, well his tea was in the oven just to get out, might be burnt but i;t not mine. ha ha . Well i;d better go speak to you soon keep up the good work by the way have you got more chapters on The Hungry Ghost? Ang x

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