6 comments on “Carl on the Human Brain.

  1. well i hope your happy… I just ordered the entire “cosmos” series based upon my nostalgia! hope to watch it and have some young family members catch it. Now im off to find James Burkes “connections”. Im geeting poor quick! hehe

  2. lol… now you’ve got me wondering if I can afford Cosmos myself. I’ve read the book, but not seen the series….

    And James Burke! I’d forgotten about him. He used to be ubiquitous.

  3. Burke and Sagan really understood both the history and the humans behind science. They understood science as the means, never an abolute end. And im sure this why they could communicate and invite young people to science so well. We could use another educator like Sagan. ( I like Tyson too).

  4. Yes, I’d definitely agree that we need educators like Sagan — and Feynman, whose enthusiasm I loved (though, sadly, he was never on TV all that much.) I often wonder how different my chosen path would have been had I had a Sagan or Feynman (in terms of communicating their enthusiasm) teaching me in secondary school.

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