7 comments on “Who Do You Believe? Or: The Need for Scepticism.

  1. Needed reminder! Cynical as I am, I find myself passing on things occasionally. However, I remind my kids every day that you can’t believe anything or anyone online. Except you, Gary 🙂

    • It’s a balancing act, don’t you think? For example, I completely agree with your point. I subscribe to the notion that a little knowledge can indeed be a dangerous thing and, like you, have seen it get out of hand numerous times online and iRL. That said, however, used correctly, the Internet has—for me—proved invaluable when it comes to doublechecking diagnoses from medical experts and drug interactions, to the point where it was ultimately discovered that what I’d been told by the “expert” was indeed incorrect.

      When you come right down to it, I suppose it’s simply about fact checking and ensuring your sources are reliable. There are individuals and website that I am much more inclined to trust—but, that said, I still apply, wherever possible, the same criteria to these.

        • The bottom line is, I suppose, that ultimately you have to trust someone—unless you are prepared to take the necessary degrees and do the work yourself—but I have to admit I find it increasingly difficult to take anything anyone says at face value.

          Remind me to write a little more about the recent vitamin D coverage when I have time! That whole “you can’t take too much” spiel the experts were spouting on TV? So wrong …

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