4 comments on “The Shame of Never Knowing the Things That Were Never Told.

  1. Hey, enjoyed reading..*cyber slap on the back*
    Will purchase Children Of The Resolution, as despite my flippancy about most things, I’m passionate about childrens’ right and their safe passage through life.

    Mz Hoity Toity

    • Ouch – could you please slap a little less enthusiastically next time, please, Pammy?! Nearly lost my false teeth! (That was a joke, by the way; the gnashers are all my own!)

      Actually, yes, I think it’ll be a novel you’ll find especially interesting. You may want to wait until it’s on Amazon, though, as the postage on Lulu is bloody extortionate (£3 minimum).

  2. Oooh, fame at last!

    You definitely made the right decision in sharing this book, it would have been a crashing shame for it to languish in a box under your bed!

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