7 comments on “If I Never Goes to Hollywood.

  1. I will give credit to Waterstones Bedford they regularly have local authors in there shops doing book signings rather than hold out for big name celebrities which can only be a good thing.

    I was recently at the Michael Caine book signing in Birmingham which is over an hour from where I live & waited best part of two hours to line up in & frankly I was dissapointed as the books were leaving your hands before you got to Michael & obviously not his fault but he didn’t get time to interact with his fans or even shake hands.

    I was in the vicinity of a Katie Price book signing & even the website said no photography allowed under any circumstances & I heard from a friend this was also the case at a Henry Winkler book signing.

    On the flip side I attended a Danny Wallace book signing & he read a chapter of his book took a Q&A Session & posed for photos & generally a good night was had by all.

    I used to love going to book signings but it does seem the bigger the name the more of a PR exercise it is so gain book sales for the shop in question.

    • Must admit, I haven’t been all that impressed with my local Waterstones store. I can’t actually do signings but we, initially, kept in touch with them regularly, steered people to the store, and they actually did very little to help (no displays etc). Borders, on the other hand, before they went bust, had a really prominent If I Never display – and we didn’t even have to nag them into it.

      You’re right, though. The big names are definitely taking over where the bricks and mortar stores are concerned. Really, that’s why I tend to focus on the Internet side of things. If you think creatively, the playing field isn’t exactly level, but you do at least stand a chance of competing to a degree and building a fan base. Slow process, however – but it does seem to work.

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  3. Hi Gary,
    I wonder if anyone ever asks Rohinton Mistry if he is a ‘local author’? I’m sure most writers write partly from their imagination and partly from experience, and that includes their surroundings. Your readers from further afield no doubt love that element of your books, just as I love that about books set in India, Australia or wherever.

    I think over the past few years there has been a plethora of ‘local memoir’ type books, often not very well written, and I’m wondering if it is this that the libraries and bookshops are trying to avoid? I enjoyed the way your novel If I Never was firmly routed in its surroundings, but to my mind that in no way makes it a ‘local novel’.

    All the best,

    • You know, Des, one of the things that surprised me most about the reaction to If I Never was just how many people, like you, found that it evoked my little corner of the world so vividly. I very deliberately took some quite huge liberties with my description of the the surroundings (for example, I don’t think there are actually any unguarded railway crossings around these here parts), but still the sense of it, the atmosphere of the place, seems to have seeped through my filter 🙂

      But, yes – you are quite right. My novels usually have fairly large themes. I like to think they transcend geography. A positive, given the way the industry is developing today.

  4. An interesting post Gary, and congrats on the book selling globally! I too find it amazing how far and wide my book reaches. Plus I’m always a little narked at the ‘local author’ angle when being interviewed by local press or talking to booksellers. Yes, I am an author and yes I live locally, but I’ve only lived here for six years or so and my book isn’t set here, well not specifically. Does that count? But my local Waterstones are fantastic, I’ve had nearly all the book launches there and they’ve featured my book in prominent places, even in a window display at one point which was really cool. Trolling down the street and seeing your own book in a window display! Holy holy!!!

    • Thanks, Josie 🙂 Wonderful, isn’t it, when you discover someone reading your work in some place unusual, exotic or previously unheard of?! Still blows my mind – especially when I have time to sit back and actually think about it.

      Pleased to hear your Waterstones branch is one of the good ones. To be honest, there hardly ever seems to be anyone in ours. All buying online, I guess! 🙂

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