13 comments on “Good Enough for DH Lawrence — or “Cunt”.

  1. Good for you…..yes I can think of a few suitable uses for the word…not that I could ever utter it myself out loud of course! 😉

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  3. I often watch the Top Gear boys light-heartedly declaring “Cock!” whenever something annoys them, and wonder what would happen if one day they just said “Cunt!” instead.

    Why is a four-letter slang term for vagina ruder than a four-letter slang term for penis? Is my body automatically ruder than a man’s, and if so, why? It’s a mystery.

    • It is. The thing that I find especially perplexing, however, is the fact that, in my experience, many of those who find this word unacceptable seem to be perfectly comfortable with the word “twat”. Both are vulgar terms for a vagina and both are used as derogatory epithets. So why the distinction?

  4. Like you say, your use of it has gotten rid of the very people best described by the word they hate so much, a result any way you want to look at it.

    • That’s the real irony, mate: I didn’t even use the word LOL. But, of course, you’re quite right — definitely a result (can’t imagine she’d buy my book, anyway 😉 )

  5. I am rather fond of my cunt it has given me – and others good service over the years and I LIKE the sound of the word. It’s bluntness is charming and it is a fun wind up for people of limited brightness. I have nearly got into fist fights with some feminists ( I am a feminist myself) over my freedon to use the word,and not just as a term of abuse. It is a powerful word and so it shuld be – cunts rule the world!!!

  6. I’m with Mo (hi Mo) on liking the word for its aesthetic value. Say it out loud. Note how the CK sound rolls off the tongue crisp and clean – a cathartic release from the more politically acceptable, clinically weedy ‘vagina’. Aside from that, Cunt kicks ass. Who doesn’t sit up and take notice when it’s used? Especially when it’s pitted against Cock in a battle to the (little) death. Who wants to fight against va jay jay or kitty? That’s just daft.

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