4 comments on “Featured Author.

  1. And where was my invite to this promotional activity!!! Great stuff Gazza, much more of this and i may have to talk you into being my new p.a.
    New p.a? Wouldn’t i need an old one for you to be the new one? 🙂

    • Knew you’d spot it either here or on Legend’s website eventually, matey. 😉 Would have given you a shout about it if not, though — really is potentially very useful, but I think it may take a little time to catch hold.

      You really do need to get your butt on Twitter, though. That’s where I discovered these delightful people. Got chatting to them and, very casually, you understand, asked, “So how do I get to be a featured author?” 🙂 Sometimes it really is that simple. (In fact, in my experience, if you’re shameless enough it’s nearly always that simple! A lot of generous people out there who are quite happy to do that mutual backscratching thing.

      Never ask, you’ll never get, right?

  2. I know, I should get on twitter, it’s just time at the minute, I’m flat oot, with the old graft. Maybe later in the year.

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