4 comments on “Homoeopathy: Science and Technology Committee Recommendations.

  1. I chuckled just reading the post title. How is homeopathy even the Science and Technology Committee’s business? It is far from being either science or technology.

    The Science and Technology committee is therefore ill-qualified to consider the issue. I’m not sure what other committees you have over there, but if I know politics, there should be a large FUD committee with the relevant expertise.

    • FUD as in “fear, uncertainty and doubt”, “food” or “female urination device”?

      Actually, the Science and Technology Committee is perfectly suited to the job of deciding what is and isn’t science and therefore forming educated recommendations on whether or not it should be funded by government and included on the NHS. You are being ironic, aren’t you? It’s Sunday morning and everything’s still a little ill-defined here in my little corner of paradise.

      • I suppose the Science and Technology committee is qualified to say that it is neither science nor technology, it just sounds preposterous that a committee is needed to say this. Next thing you know they’ll be forming international panels of scientists to produce 300-page reports (the first ten pages being the author list) on astrology, numerology, scientology, ideology and the The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy trilogy. Actually, the last two would be interesting; I’m sure there are books on the science of the h2g2 trilogy.

        I was referring to fear, uncertainty and doubt, but the female urination device is also appropriate. What a load of blatantly fake alternative cock.

        • Know what you mean. It is ridiculous that a committee is needed to reveal this for what it is — but if that’s what it takes to stop this nonsense being funded by government and available on the NHS, I’m all for it.

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