8 comments on “Have Yourself an If I Never Christmas!

  1. Hey, you have an English accent of some kind. Which is perfectly logical, and I’m not surprised, but still, when I hear people for the first time I notice things like that and make completely pointless comments.

    I hope you enjoy your Christmas too. Be sure to go to mass. 😉

    • English accent of some kind about covers it! LOL. It’s meant to be “northern” but never really sounds it, to me. Maybe I should set up a poll — “Do I Sound Northern?”, that kind of thing? 😉

      As for mass, I’ll say a prayer for you — though I doubt it will do any good, me being an out-of-favour atheist and you being beyond redemption 😉

      Have fun, Angela! x

  2. Hmm… I know I posted a comment early this morning.

    Anyway, it just said to enjoy your holidays, and that it’s very nice to see and hear you. 🙂

    Lottie x

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