4 comments on “No Urgency — but Bloody Hurry up!

  1. I know I’m starting to slow down. The school year is up and so my day job is all but done for the year and a few weeks after christmas I’m moving and so everything needs t oget packed and sorted. My only goal is to keep the blog going until after the move, then I’ll think about new projects.
    If you are on track with all your projects then you shouldn’t worry and unless you are really bored you should take some time for yourself. Good luck with your writing and good luck with If I Never.

    • It’s not really boredom, I suppose — it’s more that I have a need to write, at times… especially when I’ve been away from it for quite a while. I will take plenty of time off, however. But will probably sneak in a few thousand words here and there 😉

      Good luck with your move and have a great Christmas!

  2. Get writing tomorrow. don’t hold back a second longer. all your pens are now in line. Mmmm, there’s no mail to check. emails done. fidget, fidget. Just do it! You’ll feel loads better because you’re back in the driving seat, and by the middle of next week you would have wrote a scene that you hadn’t planned. Possibly one of the best so far, and you’ll get that buzz that lets you write and write, complete drivell at times, buy you just don’t care.

    The sooner you get back on the Jazz, the better you’ll feel, Gazz. trust me, I’m a writing doctor 🙂

    Talking of which I’ve had over a week off the Jazz due to effing graft, but all i can think of is: clear the decks at work, and you’ll be back in amongst by Monday.

    catch up soon, your pal, Gary

    • Think I’ll definitely be back at it by Monday. Should hopefully get 10,000 words or so down by Christmas… fingers crossed!

      You’re dead right about feeling better once I get back to it, though. Always feel a little disconnected when I’m not working!

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