12 comments on “The Bleeder in Bed One.

  1. Hey Gary! Wondered where you’d got to – thought you’d done a bunk whilst I was sunning myself in Spain.
    Glad to hear you are getting back to your normal self (if that’s a good thing?!)
    Had to hit the ground running on my return, so have not been Twitting much – have lots of catching up to do with Sal, Pam etc. And you, of course…
    Meanwhile, take care!
    Anne xxx

  2. And I had thought you were off fixing the wonky rug…don’t get sick like this again. Ever. It’s forbidden. 😦

  3. Sounds like you’ve been through the mill. Wishing you all the very best and hoping you’re over the worst of it.


  4. Alreet Geez!

    God that sounds like a nightmare, glad you are on the mend. I’ve had some hairy hospital moments so I can imagine a little of what your going through, but still… Black Stool! (A name for a Metal band if ever I have heard one)

    Take care and get well soon.


  5. Awful news to hear but glad you’re on the mend. Here I’ve been feeling sorry for myself since I’m now on day 5 of having h1n1–fevers and aches but no catheters to speak of! I’m looking forward to getting more news.

  6. Gary, I’m so sorry for everything you’ve been through. I knew it had to be something quite serious for you to drop off the face of the… internet like that. I was growing very concerned, and had planned to ask Mike to look you up and give you a ring today.

    Thank you for posting this to let us know that you’re getting better!

    Don’t worry about sending me a personal/individual response. I’m just happy to know that you’re OK, and that you’re being cared for by such dedicated and loving parents. Save your energy for that next novel. I’m looking forward to it! 🙂

    Love and hugs,
    Lottie xx

  7. Hi Gary, please do not worry about responding to us all. The most important thing in your life at the moment is to get better. We’re all here for you when you need us. I’m so sorry that you have had such a rotten time of it and at the same time so pleased that you have had such great support from your loving perents. Cherish that Gary.

    I know that this will probably be hard for you – but do as you’re told and get plenty of rest.

    Take care, Debbie xxxx

  8. Sounds pretty rough, Gary. Hope you’re back on the mend soon, mate. All the best. If it’s any consolation I turned another copy of your book the right way on saturday, hopefully it sold 🙂

  9. Good God Gary, what a scare. You don’t do things in half measures do you. I’ve been wondering where you were. You’ve missed the records I dedicated to you on Blipfm. So sorry to hear the horrid things you’ve gone through. Been there myself this year as you know, so can well sympathise.
    I’ve been asking where you were and Richard sent me an e-mail today. You get yourself well rested.It’s all the excitement of being a top selling author that’s done it.
    Glad to hear your Dad didn’t let the book promotion opportunities go though.Good for Dad.
    Thinking of you and missing your tweets. Lots of love, xx

  10. Hi Gary!

    I’ve only just read this, as being abroad meant I’ve limited my internet use on my phone. I knew what you’d been through from your dad, but I’m really glad you’re now well enough to write about it yourself – though it’s horrible to think what you went through. Take care of yourself, and we’ll all look forward to your wit and wisdom when you feel better. Love, Frances xx

  11. Gary my love I’ve only just caught up with you and your news. Sorry to hear about that, sending my quiff love and hugs to you. Rest up, take care and smile away.

    Much love,


  12. Gary,
    I’m sorry that you’ve had such a dreadful time of it lately. It is such a relief to hear that you are on the mend and will soon be back to your old ornery self. I’m grateful for the great parents you have who are by your side and for the competent care you received while in the hospital. Please take care and know that I’m wishing you the best.

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