10 comments on “Review and Reader Photographs.

  1. love that picture… she looks exactly the same as her twitter picture… what a smile… cannot wait for my copy.. sal x

  2. I’m nearly half-way through If I Never. It is unusual for me to read as much as that in less than a week; I don’t get a great deal of time to read, and I read very slowly as I don’t like missing the subtleties of a story. As you rightly conjectured, it’s not entirely “my sort of book”, so it shows how good it is that I am still avidly reading – and not just because you’re a mate! The characters are so complex and well-drawn that I really want to know what happens to them.

    • That’s wonderful, Frances! I’m really pleased to hear that it’s keeping you involved. That’s always what I aim to do; if I can keep the reader connected with the characters it always seems to me that they’ll follow them wherever they go, whatever they become involved with. I always feel that my characters are the novel. The plot is always secondary.

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