20 comments on “In Preparation.

  1. All fine and dandy when listening from here.
    You sound completely different than I thought you would, Gary. Though, I’m not completely sur what I thought you would sound like… ha.

  2. Hi Garry

    I can hear you loud and clear, your voice is as clear as water. Best of luck on the launch, just in time for a birthday present


    • Thanks, Pat! I’m sure if I shout really loud you’ll be able to hear me even without the benefit of the Internet 😉 And, yes a pretty perfect birthday present! Hope you enjoy it!

      Take care and talk soon xx

  3. Hi Gorgeous !!
    Yes could hear it fine Hun !!
    Good Luck , really looking forward to reading your book , Well worth the wait as I know how good your books are !
    Big Hugs and xxxx 😉

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