10 comments on “Final Cover Artwork.

    • In my experience, and from what I’ve heard, the vast majority don’t, Nienke! I’m very fortunate to have a publisher that involves the author as much as possible. It really has been a very painless and enjoyable experience, and we are now looking forward to working together on marketing and promotion!

      How lucky am I?

  1. That’s an interesting cover. Very striking. Wounded thumb up! (I cut it earlier today, but I toughed it out just to give you a thumb up that you couldn’t possibly see. Now you know why I have the internet handle that I have?)

    Will this be available on the Kindle? lol

    I’ve got the book on pre, and I can’t wait for it much longer.

    I’m so very glad for you!

    (I could’ve used the other thumb, but I’m not left-handed and it would’ve looked awkward.)

    • Thanks, Steve! And sorry to hear about the thumb LOL… no, really 🙂

      Regarding the Kindle — maybe once we get it over here! Be handy for you, I imagine; no more paper cuts? 😉

  2. congrats Gary! the cover is indeed looking good. We are very fortunate to be consulted about our covers and have such an excellent artist in good old Gudders!

    • I couldn’t agree more, Josie! The whole process — not just cover consultation — has been really wonderful. Tom, Lucy and Lauren impress me more and more each day, especially with the way in which they keep the author involved. Very different to the experiences of some writers I know!

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