11 comments on “If I Never — Free Sample Chapter.

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  2. Really enjoyed that first chapter, Gary! Subtly witty and well written – I was sorry when it came to an end as it’s a long time to wait for the rest!
    Well done, mate – enjoy your success xxx

  3. Hi just read your chapter one, it;s great cannot wait to read the rest. yet another great book you have wrote, you must be so pleased with yourself!!!!!!!! LOVE ANG .

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  6. Well, thank you very much Mr Murning. I should have checked how many pages were in the sample before starting, so I wasn’t left high and dry, and squirming for more. Great pace, intriguing, and imaginative dialogue. Looking forward to the whole package.

    • LOL — sorry about that, Michael (I’m not, really — would have been disappointed if I hadn’t left you “squirming for more” 😉 ) I hope you enjoy the rest of the book just as much. Not long now. The weeks will fly by, I promise you 😉

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