38 comments on “Twitter Book Launch.

    • I’m probably going to have it running most of the day, to allow for different time zones… I suspect it’s going to be a rather long day for me, but, hopefully, great fun!

  1. Sounds really exciting – I’ll be watching the event with interest to be sure. Congratulations and good luck with the launch – will be thinking good thoughts for you throughout.

  2. Oh no! Away that w/end – celebrating Ma-in-law’s 80th birthday on North Norfolk coast. It’s actually 16th Sept, but the long w/end is better for everyone, as some coming a distance – two from S Africa. Don’t have a laptop and OH would not let me borrow his for something so trivial as Twitter! However, I will be with you in spirit – in both senses of the word! Enjoy every minute of your success! xxx

    • That’s a shame!… Don’t you have a mobile phone with Internet access? Not to worry, I’m sure you’ll be there in spirit — and, you never know, it might still be going when you get back LOL xxx

  3. No, I don’t have a phone with Internet access! I’ve not long had one with a coloured screen! It doesn’t take pics (I have a camera for that!) play music, wash up or make the tea either. It’s a phone and I use it mostly for text messages, plus the occasional call. Nick and the boys all have flash phones/blackberries/i-thingies etc that perform all manner of wondrous deeds – I don’t see the point.
    Old Fogey xxx

  4. Hi Gary! I have absolutely no intention of missing the event of the century! Count me in! Have you got the means to do one of those “audioboo” things? You could address all you adoring fans if you have.

  5. Yep will join you , I love a good launch ! lol

    Pre – ordered our books Yesterday , Really looking forward to reading it !!

    Well done Hun !!
    love xx

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