13 comments on “Inspiration.

  1. What an excellent idea, Gary. I’ve been dipping in and out of Twitter all day, but hadn’t noticed you’d asked for this sort of input. I’d definitely make it a regular thing and perhaps include the Facebook group for anyone who’s not into the whole Twitter thing.

    Great post too. Have you read On Writing by Stephen King? Have I asked you that question before? Long day, brain tired, can’t remember.

    • Thanks, Sharon. Definitely something I’m going to build on. Really enjoyable. Excellent idea about including the FB group, too. Will do! Xx

    • Thought I’d replied to the bit about On Writing, but clearly haven’t. Was replying by phone, so must have missed it.

      No, I haven’t read it, actually. Got most of my writer based advice via books like Danse Macabre, and his introductions, interviews etc. Heard a lot of good things about it, though, but it came rather late for me. I’d already moved on and found a degree of confidence in my ability.

  2. Thank you for sharing this, Gary. I always enjoy learning more about you.

    On the subject of inspiration, I want you to know that you have inspired me in many ways, and I appreciate you very much.

    Lottie x

    • Thanks Lottie, that’s very kind — and means a great deal. From my point of view, the same can be said of you and Mike, though. The two of you have helped me build my blogging confidence. You’re good friends who, it has to be said, I’ve neglected a little bit just recently, but please know that I will be in touch so we can catch up very, very soon.


      Gary xx

      • No worries, Gary. We know you’re working on your novel and understand how important that is. We’re both very happy and excited for you and want you to remain focused.

        Just catch up when you can. We’ll be around. 😀

        ((hugs)) xx

        • I will, naturally, be expecting Spotted Dick during our catch up 😉 Tell Mike to get down the supermarket and buy a tin… or will he make it himself? 🙂

  3. Hi Gary! I’ve only just caught up with this through combination of busy-ness and computer probs. Just read it on moblie – something of a test for the eyesight! It’s really interesting, and I certainly admire your perserverance!

    • Thanks, Frances — to be honest, every time I’ve quit writing (three or four times, over the years), I’ve always found myself having to return to it. It’s very much become “what I do”, now. Don’t think I could stop if I wanted to!

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