6 comments on “You Can Laugh at Disability.

  1. Very well said. I haven’t seen the comic, but I love it. I am disabled as well, and when we cannot laugh at ourselves (as I’m sure Hawking did or will soon), then we are
    truly disabled and beyond hope.
    Thanks for letting me say my piece.
    Following you on Twitter.

  2. Great post, Gary! You nailed every point with great precision.

    Of course, you probably already know where I stand on this sort of thing.

    Glad to see you blogging. Are you going to keep us hanging for another 23 days now? 😉

    • Yes, I know exactly where you stand, Lottie 😉

      I’m hoping to get back into a more regular blogging routine — but I can’t promise! A case of having to prioritise, at the moment, but I miss it so hopefully it won’t be quite as long as that next time!

      • No pressure. Just wanted to remind you that you’re missed. I know you have more pressing things going on at the moment and I’m very happy for you!

        I’ll keep checking in here regardless of how long it is between posts, and I know I can always find you on Twitter. 😀

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