8 comments on “The Road to Hell.

  1. Well, Gary, with three of me own to maintain I’m afraid I can’t be of much help as a guest blogger! Can’t wait to see some extracts from the work-in-progress though.

  2. I’d volunteer, Gary, but I’m having trouble keeping up with mine these days. Besides, I’d be too self-conscious and worry that what I had written wasn’t up to snuff. 😳

    Glad to hear the novel’s coming along, though. I’ll keep checking in for updates.

    • That’s okay, Lottie. I’m sure you’d be well up to standard but, given the demands on your time, I wouldn’t expect it of you.

      Incidentally, I may have some interesting news, soon. Watch this space.

  3. Herr G

    Vorry nicht

    Blogging is meant to be fun -so your Posts will be especially enjoyed, as you have leisure to post, amidst the priorities of your excellent Novel

    It’s Lottie we feel sorry for – having to spend so much time at t’Mine

    ….. puzzling ….

    I thought an unexpected benefit of Mrs Thatcher’s reign was that she had (virtually) abolished the Mining Industry … so that no-one would have all the unPleasingness associacted with t’Mining

    … surprising that L cld find a Mine outside China or West Virginia

    Alles Gute

    G E

    • You are quite right, of course — as always. Especially since I should have a very interesting post on its way very soon. Hopefully. Pretty much certainly. Not wanting to tempt fate etc. 😉

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