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  5. Good post. 🙂

    I’ve been using Twitter for about two years and I love it, especially as it’s a blank canvas allowing you to do/follow/read/reply to and with whoever you like.

    I’ve found that most of the people that condemn Twitter haven’t tried it or just tried it for a day. Twitter is something that takes time with finding the right followers, applications and integrating it into the day.

    • Yes, I think you’ve hit the nail on the head regarding it taking time, Cat. It isn’t something you can just do for a couple of days and then draw a conclusion.

  6. I have never read your blog before, but this post came to my attention.

    First I’d like to say that Twitter is not teen-oriented or teen-driven. We can update our MySpace and Facebook statuses, and that suffices. As a teen, we find no use in Twitter.

    But I think that Oliver James was on to something. Not about Twitter, though, because the people who Twitter is geared towards already have a stable identity. MySpace-ers are probably the most effected, because they are mostly teens who have not yet established their identities. I know that I will post bulletins and pictures to get comments. I seek for people to know what I am doing and that it causes some interest in their own lives. This is because I am much more interesting on paper than I am in real life.

    I’m being honest because it’s true. The quote above scared me a bit. It might have scared me enough to delete my MySpace and Facebook.

    • I must admit, I have both a Facebook and a MySpace account (I’m 42, by the way!) and whilst I no longer really use the latter, I do find very useful. MySpace, yes, I probably be deleting very soon — but not really for the reason you pinpointed.

      I think the underlying problem with James’s statement is that he generalises massively, tarring every Twitter user with the same brush. He’s looking at the medium and asking why people use it, erroneously arriving at one answer (and a pretty weak one, at that.) When he talks about Twitter uses, he isn’t simply talking about teenagers. I don’t think he even mentions teenagers, actually. He’s talking about adults. Every adult that uses Twitter regularly.

      And incidentally, mate, paper, the Internet etc is real life. If you’re interesting on paper, you’re interesting in real life. It mightn’t always seem that way but, take it from me, but that’s the way it usually goes, I find 😉

  7. Names in this post are linked to their Twitter accounts, because I think it’s appropriate. I hope the HTML works.

    Here’s a song by the talented Molly Lewis about your MySpace account staying around to haunt you.

    I joined Twitter ages ago when some people on a forum suggested it, twittered twice and then forgot about it. Then, some time last year, some people on a different forum were exchanging Twitter details, and somebody complained that Twitter was too narcissistic, that people can’t put their pants on any more without twittering it. So I promised that my next tweet would be about putting my pants on. Two people followed me immediately. I now have 245 tweets under my belt (the belt which serves to hold my pants up) all either direct replies or mentioning pants in some way. Maybe it sounds childish but it’s an interesting challenge: Say what you want to say in 140 characters or fewer while referring to pants in some way. For non-pants updates, I have Facebook.

    Twitter is a great way for celebrities to connect with their fans, even without going to the extremes that Stephen Fry does (he follows or twitters hello to anyone who asks, if he notices them.) For example, I recently read this story about a fan who met Shaquille O’Neal after he twittered where he was and encouraged fans to come and say hi.

    Also, singer/songwriter/internet superstar Jonathan Coulton has recently started taking twitter requests before his concerts, which has resulted in a more varied playlist and several rarely-played songs coming out of the woodwork.

    As Neil Gaiman said:

    Why Twitter? To connect, I think. Initially just with friends, and now with the world. And I’m fascinated by what it may become.

  8. Thanks for this, Angela — especially the Molly Lewis song, which is so damn good it’s going to get a post all of its own.

    As for your pants challenge… fascinating idea (so fascinating I’m now following you, naturally 😉 ) but I think you might have missed an even greater opportunity; tweeting about taking your pants off would invariably attract many more followers. Trust me, I know about these things 😉

    I also think it will be fascinating to see what Twitter will become. Will it die a death, coughing up bloody tweets, or will it develop conscious intelligence and take over the world — humans becoming nothing more than selfish meme creators at the heart of its system? Only time will tell…

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