6 comments on “Up, Down and Touch.

  1. I have this phone!
    Except, I’m thinking about switching back to my Blackberry Bold because I’m honestly so tech-challenged, and I just.. fail using this.
    I’m used the Blackberry because I’ve had Blackberries for as long several years now.
    And.. yeah. =.=
    I don’t understand how this Windows Mobile thing works. It’s meant to be fairly simple, yet I fail.

  2. Yes, I can certainly understand you wanting to return to what you know. I’ve been using Windows Mobile versions for years so I’m very comfortable with it. Takes some getting used to, but it’s by far the most versatile.

  3. Hi Gary

    Glad to hear you’re getting over you man flu!

    That looks like a cool phone, we use HTC phones here at work and everyone seems to like them. Personally I’ve just got a very simple job that just texts and makes calls and takes the odd picture. I have enough technology to deal with in my job so I tend to not bother with gadgets at home (as a bloke I know that’s against the law but I think given my IT job an exeption can be made)

    Have a good week!


    • Hi Kev!

      Yes, it really is an excellent phone — although “phone” undersells it somewhat, I suppose! It’s like having a laptop in your pocket. Powerful, versatile, quick, sexy… a bit like me, I suppose 😉 The beauty of it for me — as I’m sure you can imagine — is that I can always have it with me, and in case of emergencies, I always have a couple of networks available (it is permanently connected to my home WiFi when I’m around the house.)

      I can certainly understand your not wanting to bother with gadgets at home, though. The last couple of nights I’ve found myself writing emails etc whilst watching TV and I just know I’m going to have to set myself a cut-off time before too long or I’m simply never going to switch off… always does to be careful not to become a slave to technology, however much some of us may love it!

      Thanks for dropping by, mate. Always good to see you here. How’s it going with you, anyway?

    • I couldn’t really say, since I’ve never really used an iPhone. I suspect my preference would always lean towards Windows Mobile, though. I’ve been using it in one form or another from many years and find it to be pretty versatile.

      It’s what you’re comfortable with, I suppose. (He says, doing his best to avoid an Apple versus Windows discussion! 🙂 )

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