6 comments on “Defining Yourself As a Writer.

  1. Gary

    Check out my entry today – I robbed a bank!

    Oh, and that sounds to me like the way John Irving defines being a writer. For me, it is the use of words to express your most extreme emotions, be they sadness, happiness, or whatever.

    Sounds an awful lot like Johnny assumes every writer is a social recluse…

    David 1, John Irving 0. Zing!

    • Mate — you are a bloody genius (well, almost.) That was exactly what I was hoping someone (other than me!) would pick up on. I thought, should I throw my views into the pot or just sit back and let people judge for themselves — and since I was too shagged out to write all that much I opted for the latter. I always suspected my readers could think for themselves 😉

      Will drop by your blog ASAP.

  2. My good friend Gary

    I am a number of things, sir. A genius is not one of them. Bank robber, perhaps. Genius? Not so much.

  3. It all depends on what you define as a ‘free minute’. I was going to say I don’t have very many free minutes, but I guess I do, I just don’t consider them to be free because I’m spending them on other ‘important’ things.

    I think that’s how you define being a person who is passionate about writing and nothing else. Unfortunately, I am passionate about too many other things, and don’t have enough time for any of them. That does not explain why I’m writing a blog comment instead of doing one of those things, though. Oh wait, this is writing. 🙂

  4. I think I would have felt a lot more comfortable about this if Irving had said “the way I define myself as a writer” instead of “the way you define yourself as a writer”. The whole process of writing — of being a writer — is so personal and individual that this, to my mind, just ends up sounding very naive… alarmingly, I’m getting this a lot more just recently from Irving. A sense that he isn’t quite as in tune as I once thought him to be.

    But maybe that’s just because I’ve become more critical of his work over the past few years. And for someone who spends every free minute writing, it doesn’t half take him a bloody long time to write a novel! 😀

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