10 comments on “Doctor Who… Who?

  1. :p Not more negative comments about him. Personally thought he came across very well on that Doctor Who Special. He’s only a couple of years younger than Peter Davison was when he started playing the role. He’s got a quirky “Doctorish” look to him. Seems we have the “I’m not watching anymore” “what a **** choice out in force judgung by 2 forums. Other stuff can’t repeat. Positively nasty. Had all this when we had Billie, David, Freema and particularly Caatherine Tate cast. I say give the poor guy a chance:) He hasn’t even stepped into the bloody TARDIS yet!!!!!!!!! Rant over.

    • LMAO. All I have to do is mention John Barrowman’s fruit and nuts or Doctor Who, and up she pops! 😉 Not that I’m saying you’re getting predictable or anything, Lou 🙂

      My feeling is that they are just being too bloody transparent — picking a doctor that will get the little girlies all hot and bothered. Nothing wrong with that, of course, but I’m just sick and tired of pretty, barely pubescent boys and girls fighting aliens/daemon/dragons. All I know is that if I’d been fighting aliens when I was in my early 20s the world would have been — in no uncertain terms, and even though I was quite a responsible chap… don’t smirk, it doesn’t suit you — well and truly fucked 😀

  2. Actually, I think he’s kind of funny looking. I Google image searched him when I heard the announcement, and thought the same thing as you – “Oh, how predictable, he’s young and pretty”, but when he was being interviewed… I don’t know… He’s not *ugly*, or indeed *fugly*, by any stretch, but he’s certainly a bit funny looking. In a David Bowie Man Who Fell To Earth kind of way.
    I know I’m bound to say this, but don’t give up on the Doctor just yet!

  3. *Lol* Lot of people don’t think he’s pretty complete opposite 🙂 Good grief Gary don’t you realise the Dr Who sites would explode if Stephen Fry was cast as The Doctor:) Russell T. Davies has had lots of abuse over the years for his so-called “gay agenda” if Steven Moffatt cast him that would be the end of the world. For the record my choice would have been Richard E. Grant. He’s already done Doctor Who stuff and that voice of his…..:):)

  4. Hi, I see (on Google) you mention a ‘John’ Mortimer as the original designer of the Dr. Who credits. I believe you may have got that info from my Barney Bubles blog. But I am not at all sure that his first name is/was John. I saw the original story board art for the credits at Twickenahm Art Schools where he was a teacher, in, maybe, 1962/3, before he had shot the finished version. I write to see if you have independant verification of his name and if you ever found a scource to view the finished deal. Ilike the soundmusic accompaniment by the BBC radiophonic workshop(?).

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