4 comments on “Contemplative Christmas.

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  2. Hi mate. I would love to see some humorous writings from your good self. I know I haven’t been blogging much myself, as I’ve been in a bit of a creative flux also. Sometimes you find yourself inspired from the strangest of places though. For Xmas somebody bought me Jonathen Ross’ new book. It’s not a biography as such just a selection of picture postcard memories and viewpoints on things ranging from pets to Mexican wrestling. It struck me this would be a good way to go for my blog, rather than treating it like an on line diary. Maybe this could work for yourself as well.
    Anyhoo, whatever. Hope you have a good Xmas and all the best for the New Year.

  3. Hi John, mate,

    I suppose, in a way, that’s pretty much what I do with this blog… or, at least, that’s how I view it. It’s never really felt like a diary/journal, although I often treat it as such where my work is concerned (and I’m beginning to wonder if this is an entirely good thing creatively.) It’s more a mishmash of thoughts and opinions on anything that occurs to me. See my recent Pope-bashing post 😉

    My problem area has been the novels. I have had no shortage of ideas and I’ve been writing as quickly as I usually do — but I’m so aware of just how tough the market is right now that… well, let’s just say it’s been impacting LOL.

    I think I have the solution, now, though. But I’m absolutely and categorically not discussing it here until I’m completely sure that it’s working out. 🙂

    Will drop by your blog and check out the new approach!

    You take care, mate and enjoy the rest of the holidays. Here’s to a great 2009!

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