4 comments on “The “Reading” Public Sees Sense.

  1. I read that fiction sales are going well over the holidays, the article didn’t have any statistics though.

    It sort of makes sense that they would. In a failiing economy where everyone is becoming more money concious, a $10 book makes a great gift, and it’s $50 cheaper than the latest video game.

    Trevas Walker

    • Trevas: Yes, I suspected that might be the case. It does make sense, doesn’t it? Far cheaper and more longer lasting to buy a book than go to the cinema or for a meal, even.


      M/M erotica written by and marketed to straight women.

      Unless it’s Poppy Z. Bright, I don’t want to know… and even then, I don’t want to know 😀

      Kathleen: That really is comforting news. Getting published is already difficult for new authors, but if the industry is hit hard it can, naturally, only get worse. So far it seems to be faring pretty well. Long may it continue.

  2. Gary, let’s hope fiction is still selling strong! I haven’t heard news of sales, except for the repeated sky-is-falling that print publishing is tanking — from books to newspapers. Ebook sales must be growing as every established press now seems to have an electronic arm and indies are popping up all the time. I understand one mainstream print publisher is starting to sell that booming niche once exclusive to amateur ebook presses: M/M erotica written by and marketed to straight women. I think I prefer pretentious celebrity bios to straight women’s idea of gay male sex. Neither is really honest.

  3. I read an article in a local paper (here in Australia) on the weekend that said bookstores are doing a roaring trade because of the current economic conditions. I’m summarising it, but consumers are buying books and DVDs and takeaway pizza instead of spending all their hard earned (and increasingly worthless) cash on going out!

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