8 comments on “An Apology (or, It Doesn’t Happen Often so Make the Most of It.)

  1. Gary, I would like posts about the following things, please:

    – Cherry 7-Up and why
    – Hawaiian Tropic Models and why not
    – Possible uses for Sarah Palin, G.I.L.F.
    – Running with scissors
    – A users guide to a 1987 Panasonic Betamax
    – Is Angelina Jolie the ugliest person to ever be called ‘beautiful’?
    – Moustaches. Will they ever make a comeback?

    and finally

    – Mr Freeze vs Rock Em Sock Em Robots. Which 80’s toy was better?

    Easy Amused esq

  2. David, mate — did your mother ever tell you that you were a greedy child? You were the kind of kid who wanted the Mars bar, the gobstoppers, the Curly Wurlies, the midget gems, the Space Dust and Twix, weren’t you?

    You can have one and no more. Choose now or you’re going home with nothing.

    (The Angelina Jolie one does look quite promising, though, if that helps.)

  3. No apology necessary, Gary. I’m glad to know you’re back to doing what you love and I’ll be looking forward to the finished product. Besides, I enjoy reading here, whatever you post.

    Bye for now, and Bah Humbug! 😉

  4. Hmmm… just one choice you say? Well the Angelina one is kind of the whole debate in a title, so i’ll go with moustaches.

    Unless you have something about David Hasslehoff, a pig and some lard…?

  5. Lottie: Glad you’re still enjoying it. When I’m working on a novel I sometimes feel as if I haven’t a whole lot left over and worry that I may not hit the spot quite so effectively. Funny how important blogs become to the writer, isn’t it?

    David: Isn’t putting “David Hasselhoff” and “some lard” in the same sentence tautological?

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