5 comments on “John Barrowman’s Fruit and Nuts.

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  2. *Blows big raspberry*:p Well he can sing;). As for the other well he is always joking about revealing all. Of course a certain paper is beside itself with glee at having the chance to berate the BBC again. *Rolls eyes*. There are some on a forum I post on who think he should replace Brucie on Strictly. And believe it or not Gary I’m NOT one of them:p. Had the feeling before this happened he’d be too much of a liability for it. Hmm wonder if there’s anything like Maria or Joseph again the Beeb will want him as a judge:))

  3. Kathleen: I really don’t know. We’re developing this really unhealthy attitude in the UK whereby it’s seen as wholly unacceptable, it would seem, to offend even one person. It’s quite ridiculous and rather disturbing.

    Lou: Funnily enough, my mother insists he can sing as well. I find his voice pretty bland after a while, I’m afraid. Bugger all in the way of light and shade.

    It doesn’t surprise me that certain newspapers are trying to use this to have another go at the BBC. And, actually, I want them to because I feel there isn’t really a case to answer here. It’s a non-story and if the papers persist then maybe, just maybe, people will finally start to say enough is enough, write about something else, you tossers etc.

    Have you heard Stephen Fry’s response to the all too familiar phrase “I find that offensive”? It’s really quite beautiful in its simplicity: “So fucking what?”

    I don’t think he’d work on Strictly at all, incidentally. I like, for my sins, doddery he is not, old Brucie too much.

    David: I’d join you, mate, but we have a really hard frost here this morning and the girls might point and laugh.

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