2 comments on “Tidings of Comfort and Whatsit.

  1. Hmmmm. As head of the ‘Jews For Christmas League’, i’d like to make a point.

    If it’s ‘Bollocks To Christmas’ why do they look so happy? And why do they have what are quite evidently Christmas presents? And a tree? A balloons? And the pre-requisite polo neck? And why does the ‘dad’ look like he hasn’t had a blow job in 20 years? Are these not precisely what Christmas is all about?

  2. My dear chap, you have a lot to learn. If you look closely, they haven’t actually opened all of their presents, yet. The happiness will dribble away later, when they do — and when “dad” realises that his polo neck sweater is bringing him out in a rash and that the promise his wife has made him for the past twenty Christmases will, once again, be postponed till the following year when she gets too bladdered to perform.

    “Bollocks to Christmas” always comes as a post-Christmas epiphany.

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