5 comments on “Out Of the Blue.

  1. I’m got an awesome idea based on a similar title.

    I call it ‘Tomorrow Never Dies’, and it’s about this guy called Jim Bund who is a British secret service agent. It’s got sequel potential, I think.

    In other news, I never self-publicise, but Gary, I thought about you when I decided to write about this: http://stuffyoushouldlike.wordpress.com/2008/11/17/a-tv-mini-series-you-should-like-the-second-coming/ on my other blog. Maybe you can let me know your thoughts…

  2. LOL… that did occur to me — the Bond similarity. I’ll see how it goes. If that’s the first thing that springs to mind when people read the title I probably end up changing it later on, though. Not too concerned the moment, however.

    Self-publicise all you wish, mate. Well, you know, within reason 😉

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