14 comments on “And He’s Black, Too?

  1. Space is only as deep as one makes it. This has nothing to do with race or color. It has all to do with uniting people for a common cause to improve the betterment. As ever be well, Stephen Craig Rowe

  2. Absolutely — the title of my post was actually intended to reflect that. Hence the question mark.

    Throughout his campaign, from my perspective in the UK, his race has been something I just haven’t thought about all that much. Nonetheless, from the American perspective it has to be viewed as a big deal in and of itself — primarily because another wall has tumbled.

    Just watching his victory speech… cynical little me is actually impressed.

  3. The cynic in me was trying not to get caught up in this as Obama has actualy rattled the sword when it comes to American policy abroad. That has melted away a bit today, in particular after I heard that very relevant victory speach. It’s a great day for civil rights. Let’s hope from here more liberty will come for the peoples of the middle east and Africa in particular.

  4. And he won by a massive landslide too!

    I feel a tremendous sense of relief and hope. I believe that Barack Obama will restore integrity to the office of President, and perhaps we can regain some respect in the world.

    I am no longer afraid of my government. This is a wonderful day!

  5. David: yes, point taken — far too many road analogies today! 😉

    Stephie: I thought you would 🙂 I’m beginning to wonder if there is such a thing as a Republican, because I haven’t seen hide nor hair of one LOL. Not in the flesh, at least… so to speak 😉

    Lottie: I was reading Stephen Fry on Twitter earlier this morning and he mentioned that he bumped into an American woman (he’s in Africa at the moment.) “I’m the last Republican in my family,” she told him. “Even I am thrilled. At last I can travel unembarrassed.”

    That about says it all, doesn’t it? It seems to me that the American people, as a more united whole, have finally got wise to the fact that world opinion does matter, and that the choices they make really do have a huge impact globally.

    Or maybe they’re just pissed off with Bush! LOL

  6. At last I can travel unembarrassed.

    Yes! I can totally understand what she meant by that!

    Or maybe they’re just pissed off with Bush!

    Maybe both! Maybe Americans have been angry enough for long enough to finally start critically examining their values and choose a new direction. 😀

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