6 comments on “Another BBC Scandal?

  1. How funny! A lot of supportive listeners have said that reactions to the prank have been “over the top”. That’s exactly what I said about the prank. I guess it’s all about perspective, huh?

  2. I do think it’s getting rather ridiculous. As vile as it was, the very idea that the PM should even think about commenting on it is, frankly, absurd. Every radio news bulletin I heard whilst we were out driving this afternoon led with the story of Brand’s and Ross’s suspensions. Yawn.

    On the upside, it is generating quite a few hits for me. 😆

  3. Oh definitely! I should have added that the prank and the reaction can be over the top. And that seems to be the case.

    Is it just me, or does all the hoopla seem to be about the sex talk while Brand saying, “I’ll kill you!” doesn’t seem worthy of mention?

    Just a thought…

  4. I knew you meant that, Lottie 😉 No sweat.

    Actually, I’m now at the point where I’m not quite sure just what the hoopla is about! LOL. I think the main focus seems to be on the fact that it was addressed to her grandfather. The people I’ve discussed it with tend to feel, much like me, that had they made similar comments without his involvement this wouldn’t have kicked off the way it has. From a comedian’s point of view, especially one as extreme as Brand, the possibly-not-as-innocent-as-she-seems Voluptua is always going to be ready-made material. Not very appetising, perhaps, to most of us, but certainly something she’d have been aware of when she made friends with him and, erm, entered into a, as I believe she called it, “relationship”. She doesn’t strike me as the naive type.

    Incidentally, I also find it interesting that Brand called and told her that it had been done. I still can’t help feeling that there’s more to this than meets the eye.

  5. Yeah, saying it to the grandfather is what put it over the top for me too. Just… nasty…

    As to Brand calling her and telling her, that definitely makes me scratch my head and think, “Hmmm…”

  6. The plot thickens… maybe 🙂 Probably not, though — though the novelist in me is having lots of fun with the whole publicity stunt/conspiracy theory.

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