5 comments on ““Meet My Granddaughter, Voluptua.”

  1. Not sure she did say she cut her tour short, according to the myspace tour listings it was already over. I think her “cutting it short” was just something that was assumed in one paper and then other papers reiterated it as fact.

  2. The BBC’s broadcasting code makes it quite clear that broadcasters “must ensure that material which may cause offence is justified by the context”. In this case it seems to me that all concerned failed to do this; the context didn’t justify it. It was cruel.

    I agree! I also agree with you on the general issue of being offensive (we’ve discussed it before) but I’ve seen the transcript and I think this was way over the top.

  3. Bec: you could well be right — either way, her return and her ensuing comments have left me feeling rather suspicious. Can’t blame her, I suppose, for milking it, but I can’t help wondering, cynic that I am where aspiring celebrities are concerned, just how much of this is a publicity stunt thought up by Brand and his top ten friend Voluptua.

    Lottie: yes, I read the transcript, too, and it really did leave a bad taste.

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