16 comments on “One Book or Two?

  1. Did you know that I will always be your biggest fan?…one book or two..I will always follow you…hahahah…maybe I should write a book of poems..nah..never mind!!

  2. LOL — a poet and she didn’t know it 😉

    You know, I have this dream/nightmare where all my biggest fans get together for a party (in my honour, naturally 😉 ) and, shock-horror, it turns into this huge fight, with thousands of Annie Wilkeses beating the shit out of each other as they all claim to be my real number one fan!

  3. Well…if a fight broke out then I would be the one to stop it..because NO ONE messes about with my Gary!!!!!!!! Sappy I know…so get over it…or we could pray about it…HAHAHAHAHAH!! AH..go and do one you wanka!!

  4. I really don’t have a preference between one book or two. If you go the two route, just don’t wait forever in between them! I kind of like two books or series books since I get more info, especially if I really get into the characters. So I guess I’m leaning towards two books.

  5. Stephie: Oh, that one… did I mention that I put it on YouTube, by the way? 🙂

    Amber: Ideally, I’d like to write them back to back — straight through, really. Write them as one book and publish as two. I think it’d probably be more easily digested, less daunting, as two books… but… I just can’t seem to make up my mind, yet. I suppose I’ll know better once I have the outline completed (in about two or three years time, the size of it! LOL)

    Thanks for the input! It all helps, believe me.

  6. Given that I have twenty single-spaced pages of outlines so far for part one, and its planned in four parts, tetralogy could be a possibility, never mind a trilogy! 🙂 (Actually, given its structure, I’d say a trilogy isn’t really likely. One book, two books or possibly four — but three wouldn’t really work.)

  7. You know, I have this dream/nightmare where all my biggest fans get together […]

    I knew it! You dream about me! 😉

    I wouldn’t mind the one book. I tend to grow very attached to characters and feel a little sad when I finish a book (is that weird?) so long novels work for me. Of course, two books could work too. That way when I finish the first one, I know it’s not over, if that makes sense.

    That’s my two cents.

  8. David: There was a joke there, wasn’t there? The use of shit the singular threw me, I must admit. There was I thinking that it was the new vernacular and I’d missed it, somehow — “shit” equalling “shit hot”. I therefore completely overlooked the stylish subtlety of your humour 😉

    I shall try not to let it happen again. (Though I can’t promise 😉 )

    Lottie: Yes, I dream about all my stalkers! 😆

    So you’d prefer one book. Or possibly two. Great. I’m so glad Mike married you 😀

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