7 comments on “Let’s All Wash Together, Wash, Wash, Wash.

  1. I don’t usually go more than a couple of hours without washing my hands, regardless of what I’m doing. They just start to feel dirty after a while. I always wash before preparing or even touching food, and even before preparing my morning coffee (so you know my hands are clean when I visit your blog 😉 ) and always after going to the loo (that’s me pretending to be English. Hehe…)

    I didn’t know about Global Handwashing Day, but I suppose I celebrated anyway.

  2. My mom use to tell me that if I didn’t wash my hands that I could get worms. WEIRD. I’d chat more, but I got a terrible butt itching going on that I need to remedy.

    Talk to ya later!

  3. Bekki: I should think so, too! Filthy girl 😉

    Lottie: well, there’s washing and then there’s OCD! 🙂

    Selena: ROTFLMAO. I like your mom. How on earth do you get worms, anyway?!

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