14 comments on “What I Really Think of Sarah Palin.

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  2. You never enjoy yourself “too much”. Just enough, I’d say. 😉
    It certainly did look as if she said “Watch what you say!” didn’t it?

    I don’t know what to think about any of these peeps we have running for office. I don’t know how they can be so damn chipper when the country is falling to ruin.

    I’m scared to death.

  3. P.S.
    it is a well known thing from girls raised int he south that “bless your heart” really means kiss my ass.

  4. Larro: I hope you mean it more than Sarah would 😉

    palinspin: thanks — I’ll have a proper look ASAP… though I have to say that I consider Obama merely to be the lesser of two evils!

    thenonconformer: ah yes, “what is truth?”

    Lottie: LOL — I’ll do anything to be entertaining (but I won’t do her!)

    Well, maybe for a bet 😉

    Vickie: thank you!… yes, you do have to wonder at all those smiles and all that backslapping, don’t you! Frankly, it looks even more bizarre (if that’s possible!) from this side of the Pond. I really feel for you guys. Our politicians in the UK aren’t much better — at least by my lofty standards LOL — but they do occasionally inspire enough trust in me to get me to the polling booth. Even Obama would have to promise me dancing girls if he wished to entice me to put my cross in his box!

  5. I’d like to add a little intellect to this discussion by suggesting that Sarah Palin looks as though she eats children.

  6. Raw and whole. After shooting them from a helicopter.

    The more I think about it, the more I realise America is just utterly, utterly fucked. Obama makes great speeches, and he’s black, so people think he’s cool. But he has, with respect, done absolutely fuck all so far except repeat ad nasuem ‘Bush is a moron’ or ‘Iraq war, I said no.’ If he gets in, he’ll be the less of two evils, but with a country as backwardly conservative and racist as the States, one wonders what he can achieve.

    And then there is the McCain/Palin ticket, which is frankly fucking fightning. I honestly don’t understand how McCain can on one hand accuse Obama of not having foreign policy etc experience, and then pick a woman who didn’t even have a fucking passport?

    Fucked. We’re all fucked.

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