6 comments on “Random Writing Quote.

  1. Ah, God bless Paul Auster. He’s truly one of the great ones. Grab yourselves a copy of his novel IN THE COUNTRY OF LAST THINGS or his collection of essays THE ART OF HUNGER. Smart man, literate as heck. I’m jealous every time I read him…

  2. My personal favourite is, The Brooklyn Follies, Cliff. Oddly, I couldn’t quite get into COUNTRY. Not sure why. I must try it again.

    His books have, whatever their faults, a very unique feel. I think that’s what I like best about them… that sense of getting into someone else’s mind is really strong when I read his work.

  3. TRAVELS IN THE SCRIPTORIUM is the only book of Auster’s I’ve disliked. He’s been accused of self-indulgence–in the case of SCRIPTORIUM, the accusation was justified…

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