4 comments on “Sheer Willpower — The Further Pursuits of David “Inane” Blaine.

  1. I get why he’s doing it, as I have the others… but its more than a little bit pointless, and comes across as really self serving.

  2. More that he’s trying to push the boundries. When I first saw his magic stuff, I read up about him, and Houdini was his idol, who did a lot of similar stuff. He’s easy to take the piss out of, but I don’t think he’s doing for the money. He has genuine reasons, he’s just massively misguided if he thinks people actually care…

  3. Ah, right. I see…. Houdini, I could understand. He was, after all, an escapologist. He actually did something whilst pushing the boundaries. Blaine just leaves me feeling a little… well, like I say, uncomfortable.

    I suppose he is an easy target but I never let a little thing like that stop me 😉

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