2 comments on “Blogging Diplomacy?

  1. The problem, for me, lies in the fact that these people — the US Digital Outreach Team — identify themselves when posting on other people’s blogs as working for the United States Government, something I suppose they naturally have to do. But what self-respecting Iranian political blogger is really going to accept any assertions that they might make as having any kind of validity or authority?

    It sounds like more typical American arrogance. We, as a nation, seem to have the idea that all we need to do is announce our citizenship anywhere in the world and everyone should step aside, hang on our every word and accept our currency. Seems to me, that’s the opposite of diplomacy.

    Quite frankly, the whole attitude is embarrassing. And, dare I say, narcissistic? Yeah, I guess I did dare…

    Hmmm… it seems I had a few words to say on the subject, huh? LOL

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