8 comments on “BBC NEWS | Technology | Hawking unveils “strangest clock”

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  4. Time is indeed a strange thing – here in the desert it seems to be in very short supply. So much so, that I do not have time to keep up with my friends. I am barely keeping up with my blog – doing a mad pre-publish of the week’s posts on a Saturday night. Anyway, a happy birthday for yesterday – hmmm – talk like a pirate day!

    Arrr, me hearty, yo ho ho and a bottle of rum to celebrate!

  5. Carrie: don’t forget, it’s at Corpus Christi College at Cambridge Uni. A clock for students. Late for a tutorial? Not a problem. Four out of every five minutes, the clock is a valid excuse for not getting there on time!

    Archie: I know the feeling, mate. I seem to have more demands on my time than fit comfortably into 24 hours at the moment. A few things have slipped with me — your weekly BBC quiz, for example!

    I even forgot all about talk like a Pirate day! T’be sure, Jim lad, they’ll be having us walk the plank, arrr!

    Thanks for the birthday wishes!

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