17 comments on “My Secret (Well Almost) Vice.

  1. That was awesome.
    I have only ever caught snippets of this show when my gran has been watching it and I have been at hers however I might have to watch it this year.

  2. Definitely worth giving it a go, Hayley! Joking aside, it’s really not as uncool as it used to be. 🙂 Easy to understand why, isn’t it? Steamy LOL.

    The series starts proper next Saturday. Don’t forget! (Some of the celebrity dancers are, admittedly, entertaining for all the wrong reasons.)

  3. Gary, Gary, Gary…the first step is, indeed, admitting you have a problem 😉

    This is like the show we have here in the U.S. with celebrities dancing with professionals? I watch such little television, but I’ve seen the commercials for it. I sometimes enjoy watching dance for the same reason I enjoy gymnastics or cirque du soleil — athletic precision.

    But it wasn’t until I was in a club a few years ago that I realized why I never watch these shows. I saw a pair of beautiful and talented dancers unlike any I had seen before, and now I know if they had two women doing the Tango on any of these dance shows, you can bet I’d be propped on my couch every Saturday morning watching.

  4. I’m terribly shocked and disappointed, Gary. I’m sure you’ll understand why I must end our friendship at once. I simply cannot be associated with someone with such a deplorable habit.

    ::snort:: 😉

    Seriously, I love to watch dancing of all kinds. Tangos are among my favorites and this one is particularly captivating. Those two were brilliant!

    Thanks for posting that. I definitely needed the relaxation, even if was only for three minutes and forty seconds.

  5. Good thing I can’t get these shows. I’ve got quite enough to contend with already, being hooked on Dancing With The Stars (yank spin-off)LOL

  6. I’ve never met you before but now i’m sure we can’t be friends. However, if you had have said Masterchef…

  7. Teresa: yes, that’s the one — Dancing with the Stars. We are subjected to it that over here, too — I watched some of the last series but not because of the dancing; I was fascinated (and repulsed) by Priscilla Presley’s lips.

    When it’s good, it really captivates, doesn’t it? I must admit, I do enjoy seeing celebrities make fools of themselves, but here in the UK we’ve had a handful who have turned out to be, with a little work, incredible dancers.

    Lottie: *hangs head in shame* To be sure, it is deplorable. I was considering going to church and praying to be cured… what do you think? Too extreme? 😉

    Good, wasn’t it? There are loads more on YouTube, if you need a more substantial fix!

    John: I have a sneaking suspicion that your namesake might be the first out this year! I might be wrong, but I think I’d probably be a better dancer that he will be 😉

    No, I haven’t actually seen Shall We Dance. Any good?

    Evanne: we get the British show (Strictly Come Dancing) and Dancing with the Stars… we also get dozens of rip-off shows. The latest was Diet on the Dancefloor. It was a not so subtle blend of two quite popular television genre over here. Overweight people dieting and getting fit by dancing. Very low budget and far from impressive. Naturally, I watched every episode LOL.

    David: not that I’m desperate for friends or anything — but what about Hell’s Kitchen? Will that do?

  8. I know great that it’s back isn’t it:)) I love it all those sequins and sparkles!! O/h doesn’t:)) Ah well tough:p

  9. I was considering going to church and praying to be cured… what do you think? Too extreme?

    What? And trade one vice for another? Why bother? 😉

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