18 comments on “Sarah Palin and Her Bible.

  1. ha ha ha ha…bibles do tend to get in the way. If I were a man I’d probably boast about how big mine is, but as a woman, I know it isn’t the size of the bible that matters, only the frequency of the…comfort…it provides. Well, I don’t know what my point is, but you had my thoughts running all over the place. Funny cartoon, though.

  2. Lottie: one thing that occurred to me, though; God is a lot older than I expected him to be, don’t you think? 🙂

    Mike: yes, but the question remains — whose big penis? 😉

  3. Now, your story’s getting a little confused, Mike — rather suspicious, if you ask me. You bought it on eBay or from the local delicatessen, which is it?

    What are you trying to hide, my friend? 😉

  4. Nice body swerve, but I’m still not convinced. I mean, if I want something from my local deli, eBay isn’t my first port of call.

    *wonders what Columbo would make of this*

  5. Lottie: you keep him talking while I dig up the patio to see if I can find a body that fits the contents of that there jar.

    Mike: okay, now I’m well and truly lost. Have I by some chance slipped into a David Lynch film? Are you going to turn into a dwarf and start talking backwards?

    (Unless… ah yes… wasn’t there an episode of Columbo where he made/wore a paper hat?)

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