2 comments on “Joyce Carol Oates — On Writing Characters.

  1. Thank you for posting. Joyce Carol Oates is one of my favorite writers. It was interesting to learn that she thinks the first six weeks of a novel are hell. It’s hard to believe that such a successful and prolific writer would ever have a tough spot. Makes me feel somewhat better and gives me the encouragement to press on.

  2. You’re very welcome — I’m glad it was helpful.

    I must admit, I usually spend the first few weeks of writing a novel — and the first few weeks after I’ve finished the first draft — endlessly beating myself up. It’s all about perspective, I think. Being too close to the project, feeling one’s way in and then, at the end, letting go.

    You are certainly not alone, Tara! Keep writing! (Off to have a look at your blog, now 🙂 )

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