27 comments on “Tenth of September 2008 — End of the World (Reprise.)

  1. Well, as I’ve said elsewhere, Clare, I’m not sure what else there is that I can add to put your mind at ease. There simply is no reason to be concerned about this.

  2. Clarebear, you could just as easily be concerned that posting a comment on a blog would cause a black hole to eat up the Earth. In both cases there is absolutely no theoretical reason why it would happen. The only difference is we have a lot more actual evidence showing that the LHC won’t do it than we have showing that writing a blog comment won’t do it. The equivalent of the entire LHC programme is run several million million times a second in space, whereas the total number of blog comments throughout history probably only numbers in the billions, if that.

    Nonetheless, I’m brave enough to click the Submit Comment button.

    I think.

    Yeah, I’ll go for it. Goodbye…

  3. Interesting…but here is the deal: People saying “Nothing is going to happen” are eventually those, who are right. Cause if anything happens, no one will be there to accuse themm of being wrong *smile*.
    I just think, if something happens, it just proves that there is a)no other life form out there (for they would have done this earlyer) or b) we are just the dumbest breed of them all 🙂
    I just hope it’s c) The next step to a more advanced and Star Trek like future 😉

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  5. my little sister came back from high school today, and asked me if i thought the world was going to end tomorrow. apparently at school rumors were going around that someone is building some type of bomb, and we were all going to die…..
    it irks me that people spread these sort of things with no evidence whatsoever.
    thank you for helping to put her mind at ease.

  6. Angela: I couldn’t have put it better myself. If we allow the ridiculous concerns over the LHC to impact on our lives we really are opening the door to some quite absurd possibilities. Not something I’m planning on doing any time soon!

    sailingbreeze: the Mayans — yes, that prophetic nonsense has been going on even longer than the LHC concerns. At least it comes after the London Olympics. I’m really looking forward to that.

    pmaschke: my money is definitely on c. As I’ve said before, my bet still stands 😉

    Erich: I really appreciate that comment, thank you. It’s nice to know that my little contribution has helped in some way.

    I wholeheartedly agree. This scaremongering is highly unacceptable. It preys on a lack of understanding and a wholly unwarranted fear of science. At least you and, I presume, your sister did the right thing and checked it out yourselves. Good on you for doing that and for making the necessary effort to see that this simply isn’t in any way a threat.

  7. we think tht this is a load of SHIT!!! and no one is gonna die get the fuck over it. you would think that if it was that serious and that much of a risk Korea would have bombed them by now

  8. Jade: still here? 🙂 Thought so…

    Franjo and Aimee: interesting line of reasoning LOL. You are quite right, though, it is a load of shit. Nothing has happened or will happen.

  9. we have a plan… if we line up all the fat people in a row and push them in at the same time it will clog up the black hole and we will all live!! yayay!!! if not then we will be decidin who we want 2 save n then getin in2 a time machine. any fit boys are welcome 2 come wiv us
    ly all may c u in the next world
    =] xxxx

  10. laura georgia and amy: you are so bad! I approve! I am a little concerned, however, that I may not fit the criteria for admission to the time machine, should the first plan fail. I’m kind of hoping that “fit” and “boy” are defined very loosely (i.e. as “unfit” and “old bloke”) LOL xxx

  11. Guys,
    I’m really worried, all my friends and I have all been like talking on MSN going ONE MINUTE LEFT!!! and it reached 6:00 PM and nothing happened, but we got the wrong day because America is a day behind Australia, then I looked at some youtube films of people talking about the World Ending. Is this serious? Will it happen? Dont just guess it and tell me if you’re not sure because I’m worried as hell.

  12. Jennifer: the large hadron collider is actually in Switzerland, not Australia, and — as I have said many, many times, frankly, until I’m blue in the face — it is not a threat. The first beam was circulated early this morning UK time and the second completed its circuit at about 3 p.m. CET. It will be a couple of weeks before the real high-energy work begins but, just to be clear, THIS WILL NOT CAUSE THE END OF THE WORLD.

    Lottie: just as long as the calendar doesn’t say February 3, 24,332! If that’s the case, it’s created a wormhole instead of a blackhole and things are about to get really weird! (Just to be clear, if anyone reading this considers this a real possibility and doesn’t realise that I’m joking — please leave the room immediately!)

  13. I went ahead and double checked just to make sure, but it seems to be Wednesday September 10, 2008 as far as I can tell. ::smirk::

    I do admire your patience, by they way. 😉

  14. That’s a huge relief… I was really worried for a bit there he he…

    Patient, moi? Blessedly, it all seems to be starting to die down a bit. Much longer and I may have turned green and ruined a perfectly good shirt and pair of pants! 😉

  15. I have no problem with the final paragraph.

    However much I might joke about it, over the past ten days or so the sheer number of very concerned/frightened people I’ve had contact to me through this site or directly really has made me question just how harmful such ridiculousness can be — both to the impressionable and to science.

    Knowing what I know about Brian Cox, I’m certain that he wouldn’t wish to limit free speech. But that doesn’t mean we don’t have the right to question why so many people have to be exposed to this kind of stupidity. It can’t and never will be stopped, of course — all we can do is really work hard at making the correct information as available as possible — but I think it’s perfectly understandable that some like Professor Cox should vent in this way. Christ knows, I’ve only had ten days of it and it’s more than enough!

  16. A friend of mine responded to my Facebook post about being a bit worried about all this particle business…he gave me a great analogy about the north sky and how this test Switzerland happens in nature all the time and yet we are still here. Also been reading up on the physics of blackholes…if they create blackholes which I believe Cox says is a rare chance in itself then they wouldn’t be dense enough to “eat” anything and grow. Truely fear comes from the unknown and learning has helped quell my fears. Its hard when someone is raised with an apocoltotic Christian background to not have thoughts thinking “well god is this the end”? Nah, I’m sure god would be more creative than to have a black hole suck us all up.

  17. That’s very true; much of the fear, if not all of it, surrounding this issue does indeed come from not knowing. Once one learns just the basics it becomes far easier to see that there really is nothing to worry about.

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