7 comments on “Crazy!

  1. I saw that you were the Hawt Post earlier, and I have been following the comments on that entry with much amusement (and yes, fear of idiots!)

    Stop on over at My Cool Job and watch some silly videos I posted for “Casual Friday”…guaranteed to make you laugh!

  2. Lottie: I came back to the computer after having a bite to eat and did a doubletake. There were actually 46 people here at the same time at one point! Bizarre LOL.

    Thoroughly enjoying Mike’s embarrassment in his day four poo — I mean post! (That Greek dish does look nice, though.)

    Carrie: I’m glad you’ve been enjoying those comments! Some of them really were priceless, weren’t they? It started to get quite frustrating towards the end.

    Oh, incidentally, I’m now following you on Twitter!

    Heading right over to your site — I could do with a good laugh… one, preferably, that isn’t at the expense of those poor souls who think we’re all doomed! 😉

  3. I suppose I must have, yes… so does that mean if you and I collided really quickly we might see some of them? (When I say “collided”, I naturally mean in a very masculine, rugby-playing kind of way 😉 )

    Pimp away, mate!

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